Advancing Your Business by Planting, Managing & Establishing Tactical Practices That Yield ResultsSmall Businesses often struggle with identifying how to increase their presence and articulate their value proposition & worth. Shy away no more dig deeper and get feedback and training on how to build a strong business infrastructure that will turn your business around so that you are making the strides needed for progress, sustainability, and results.PD

Enhancing & Thriving Thru Effective Leadership & Industry Strategies: Understand your purpose and your call – to be in a position of influence to make a change. Walk away empowered by hearing stories from Women in the Political, Science & Technology (STEM), and Sports (WNBA) Industries. Hear how they have overcome obstacles in a predominately male Industry, how they have made a mark in history and how they continue to fight for equal rights of women merely from their statute. - IND

Toiling & Tilling the Soil of the Business: Learn Technique and Tools for a Solid Succession Planning -You put your heart into starting your business, YOU designed it to leave an inheritance and legacy, now it is just as important to plan for the exit. Secure the future of the business by implementing succession strategies that will leave a legacy for your family.  - E

Growing in your Zeal – Expanding your Zest: What makes a good Brand for YOUR business? Your Brand is what people see before they see you, how are you ensuring that your BRAND is articulating all of the VALUE, SKILLS, & TALENT you bring to the table.- LSMB

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