Perfecting Your Pitch & Cultivating Your Communication Strategy:  They say you only have 30 seconds to get someone’s attention and have them engaged in understanding what you do. Learn the trade secrets on speaking clearly, communicating effectively, and defining that perfect Pitch. - PD

Promoting Your Growth & Developing Your Capacity: - Hear first-hand from national and regional Executive VP, Presidents and Diversity specialist about what Corporations are looking for from Small Businesses –This panel discussion provides participants the tools and techniques needed to build their capacity and overcome their insecurities about doing business with corporation - IND

Developing the Business for Financial Growth: Avoiding your FINANCIALS, getting mixed-up about what numbers, units, and quantities to use for your projections Take back the control & master the Numbers in Your Business from a leadership standpoint… - E

Nurturing the Leader in You: Sometimes as women we feel disorganized, defeated, and nonproductive; doubting ourselves and wondering whether or not we have what it takes to make this DREAM a reality.  - LSMB

Moderator and Presenters