The HOAW Conference is back with an exceptional line-up of Guest Speakers, Panelist, and Presenters.  The HOAW Conference is a holistic conference empowering women with the tools necessary to succeed in the various aspects of her life helping her to realize that she is not alone, but there are partners and resources available to her.  We are excited to back bring to you three tracks for you to enjoy: Professional Development (PD), Entrepreneur (E), and Life-Style Mind & Body (LSMB).  This YEAR we are adding an Industry (IND) Track; this was designed with you in mind!! Having an industry track, gives participants and opportunity to get a little closer to the procurement processes and procedures for doing business with the Government or Corporations.  

Our early morning plenary session entitled “Women Who Lead w/Purpose” will be a panel discussion lead by strong women leaders in our region.   

As with our previous conference Women attending this Conference identify their struggles; begin to heal their wounds, energizing their spirit, strategize their goals, and revitalize their purpose realizing HER dreams are ATTAINABLE  


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

8:00am - 5:00pm

2018 HOAW Conference Agenda

 7:30am                          Registration

 8:25am                          Welcome, Greetings & Introduction of Early Morning Guest

8:30am - 9:10am           Early Morning Conversation: Couch Talk With Grammy Award Winner Fantasia Barrino Taylor

9:10am - 9:15am           Introduction of Moderator 

9:15am – 10:30am       Panel Discussion – “Women Who Lead With A Purpose”

                                         Dr. Sheila Robinson, Angela Broome, Shelby Scales, Jennifer Roberts, Jane Wu, Melissa Harville-Lebron

10:30am - 10:35am      NC DOT - Shelby Scales 

10:45am –11:45am        BREAKOUT WORKSHOP#1


     E                                Winning this Numbers Game - Increasing Your Value & Worth

   PD                               Conquering this Marketing, Branding & Social Media

LSMB                             Living A Healthy, Happy & wHOLE Life

  IND                              Doing Business With Gove’t: NC DOT, CMS, City of Charlotte, Gov't DOA

11:50am – 12:00pm      Business Owner Success Story

12:00pm  –  1:00pm      Lunch – Jacqie McWilliams, CIAA Commissioner

1:10pm    –  2:10pm      BREAKOUT WORKSHOP #2


     E                                Overcoming My Fears Mastering My Financial Makeup  

   PD                               Getting to the Top Understanding My Industry - Hello Economics

LSMB                             Focusing On My Strengths - Accepting What I Can't Change

  IND                              Nonprofit Management, Doing Bus Corporations, Construction

2:15pm   –   3:15pm      BREAKOUT WORKSHOP#3


     E                                What Gets Measured, Gets Results - Operate in Excellence

   PD                               Being Confident in My Skin - Managing Like a Leader

LSMB                             Women of Excellence Who Overcome in Negotiations

  IND                              IT Staffing, Real Estate, Transportation

3:20pm  –  4:20pm        MAPPING YOUR HEART’S JOURNEY

    (re) Establishing My Journey by Building A Strong Company Profile             

   Gaining Momentum in my Journey w/The Art of Building Relationships

   Mapping My Journey with Strategic Planning

   Enhancing My Business Journey to Scale My Business for Growth

4:20pm –  4:30pm        BREAK

4:35pm  –  5:00pm       “Call To Action”